Servers range from small file and print servers to large rack mount blade servers. Madcow Internet set up and manage servers tailored to your company’s specific needs.

Small file servers to make sure your data is available to all your staff, with our smallest data store unit providing up to 12 terabytes of storage with hot swap technology all in a compact desktop server.

The Backblaze pod, made up of a custom metal case with commodity hardware inside. Specifically, one pod contains one Intel Motherboard with four SATA cards plugged into it. The nine SATA cables run from the cards to nine port multiplier backplanes that each have five hard drives plugged directly into them (45 hard drives in total). With a similar design being used by online streaming video giant Netflix, this server can give you up to 135 terabytes of storage in a 4U rack mount space.

Madcow also sets up and manages Microsoft exchange servers, Linux servers, LAMP servers and more. Contact us for a quote on your server requirements.